WATCH: President Duterte lambasts western nations 'West is just double talk'


President Rodrigo Duterte did not mince word when describing western nations ahead of his visit to Moscow, saying they are only interested in double talk and continued to disregard Philippines interests. 

In an interview with Russian media, Duterte said he has nothing against America but the Philippines needs a change in its foreign policy to separate from that pro-western, and seek to have stronger ties with China and establish a good relationship with Russia.

“I have nothing against America, but perfectly alright, [US President Donald] Trump is my friend. But my foreign policy has shifted from that pro-Western. I now have this working alliance with China, and I hope to establish a good working relations with Russia, because western world, EU and everything they have this double talk," Duterte said.

“You treat me as if I’m your colony still? You must be kidding! Why would I allow it? Why would you treat me as if I am your representative here, as a colonial governor? We’re an independent country. We will survive. We will endure. We can go hungry. But this time, I want my country to be treated with dignity,” he added.

President Duterte has vehemently lashed out United States and European Union for always meddling in Philippine internal affairs, and has decided not to accept foreign aids that it deems would hinder its efforts to run the country. 

Watch video below:

Source: RT

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