Raffy Tulfo fumes when a man instead of being thankful, blames the driver who returned his phone

A fuming Raffy Tulfo lectured a man who instead of being grateful, he blamed the taxi driver who returned his phone through the help of the radio program “Raffy Tulfo in Action.”

Luigi Lim, the owner of the smartphone demanded why the taxi driver didn't contact him immediately to return his phone because all his transactions are affected.

But the driver explained that he didn’t know how to use a phone, and he went to the station last Saturday to hand the phone, but it was closed.

When asked by Tulfo if he was not happy with what happened, Mr. Lim said that he was not happy because his phone was already deactivated.

Tulfo got irked because of the attitude being shown by Mr. Lim, he lambasted the owner and said: "Sa halip na magpapasalamat ka, ikaw pa ngayon yung parang galit na para bang susumbatan mo pa itong si Mr. Elliot."

"Imbes na matuwa ka pinipikon mo ko eh. Itong tao, he’s being honest. He’s being kind. Nag abala pa siyang pumunta rito, wala siyang kaalam-alam kung paano mag pindot pindot sa mga cellphone na yan pagagalitan mo pa siya, papahagingan mo pa siya? Bastos ka naman," he added.

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