Watch: Australian Foreign Minister says world can learn from Duterte victory


Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop stated the world can learn from the unprecedented electoral victory of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who vowed to eliminate day-to-day problems such as crime and traffic.

In an exclusive Rappler Talk interview, Bishop said: "I think that President Duterte was responding to the concerns of the people of the Philippines, and the lesson for politicians around the world is to tap into the concerns, particularly of those who feel left behind by globalization, those who have been affected by the disruption of technologies, and those who fear change."

"And we're seeing the consequences of that around the world, whether it's Brexit, the US presidential election, or even here in the Philippines. But we're also seeing outcomes in elections in Europe, so I think it's a phenomenon that will be with us for some time," Bishop added.

She then described these times as "uncertain" and "restless", and said elected officials "have to respond to those concerns."

Watch the video below:

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