Netizens lambasts Jim Paredes over claims that ex-colombian President caught the biggest drug lord


Netizens lambasted APO Hiking Society member Jim Paredes after he posted on his twitter account, relying solely of what he reads on Wikipedia that ex-Colombian President caught the world's biggest drug lord Pablo Escobar.

The statement of Paredes was made after President Duterte called the ex-Colombian President idiot, without mentioning Gaviria by his name.

"Before you call the Colombian President an idiot, remember:  he caught the biggest drug lord Pablo Escobar. You let Peter Lim escape," Paredes wrote on Twitter.

However, some netizens clarified that it was the United States Drug Enforcement Agents (DEA), who helped to hunt-down the notorious drug lord.

Also, In a Facebook post of RG San Luis, he shared the same information that corresponds to the given response above that reads:

In this day and age, you can't afford to be dumb. I wonder why Crocodile Jim continues to be. Fact is, it was the US DEA agents, detailed in Colombia, who managed to track down Pablo. After Pablo's death, Colombia had to contend with the rival Cali cartel. The Cali cartel bosses were more sophisticated criminal minds than Pablo. Pablo was dealth a blow when his cousin and chief lieutenant, Gustavo Gaviria, was arrested and killed by the chief of Search Bloc, Col. Carillo. What follows is the end of the Cali cartel after most of their leaders were arrested and extradited to the US where they also cut deals with the DEA. The cartel itself fought against the FARC and M-19 communist insurgents by funding the vigilante group, Los Pepes. Los Pepes was initially deployed to destroy Pablo's network of cocaine labs and warehouses all over Colombia. They also assassinated the sicarios loyal to Escobar. As late as 2006, a sister of former Colmbian President, Cesar Gaviria named Leticia, was assassinated by unidentified gunmen in Bogota.

Netizens advised Paredes to watch the documentary that tells the true story about Pablo and urged not to spread information when he can't even support it with facts.

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