Erwin Tulfo slams Ramos: Ang hirap kasi puna ng puna na akala mo napakagaling ng iyong administrasyon, What about the...?


TV5 news anchor Erwin Tulfo slammed former President Fidel Ramos for always critizing the decision of Duterte administration.

Tulfo said while giving advise to Ramos to help the administration instead and should stop adding fuel to create divisiness and political instability.

"Instead of helping unite the nation, this former general is merely adding fuel to divisiveness and political instability, Tulfo wrote on his facebook."

"Why can't he just advise Manong Digong of a win-win solution on this issue rather mumble statements that cause further confusion and hatred among the people?, he further added."

Ramos,  a staunch critic of President Duterte have constantly opposed the burial of the late president Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

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Tulfo questioned Ramos on his post why during his term he have not asked the congress and senate to implement a law that would banned the burial of Marcos at the heroes cemetery.

"Kontra daw siya sa paglibing kay Macoy sa LNMB. E, ang tanong: bakit wala siyang ginawa hinggil dito noong siya pa ang Presidente?, Tulfo said."

"He could have asked congress and senate to  pass a law that would have banned the burial of Marcos at the heroes cemetery, Tulfo added."

He also said that Ramos have the gall to criticize the current administration when in fact he was no good during his time, citing the past controversial issues and scandal where he was allegely involved. 

"Ang hirap kasi kay FVR, puna ng puna na akala mo napakagaling ng kanyang administrasyon. What about the issue on the PEA-Amari land deal and the Clark Centennial Expo, not to mention the privatization of government agencies, the oil deregulation, and the trade liberalization which the Leftist group claim as "artificial economic growth"?, he stressed."

Read the full context of his statement:

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