Pres. Duterte grants actor Robin Padilla absolute pardon


President Rodrigo Duterte has granted actor Robin Padilla absolute pardon on Tuesday night.

Duterte confirmed this development in a dinner with reporters in Malacanang Palace.
According to a source, Padilla was only scheduled to meet the President at the Palace, but was surprised when the papers for his clemency were already ready when he arrived.

Padilla, a staunch supporter of the president prior to his rise to the presidency, was convicted for illegal possession of firearms in 1994 and sentenced to a 21-year prison term. He was released from jail after being granted conditional pardon by former President Fidel Ramos in 1997.

Last August, Padilla was among the names recommended by the Board of Pardons and Parole for executive clemency.

With the absolute pardon given to him by President Duterte, Padilla will retain his civil and political rights, such as the right to vote and seek public office.

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