'IN JUST 20 DAYS' Presidential Assistant Michael Dino welcomes Yolanda victims in their new homes


Presidential Assistant Michael Dino finally welcomed the Yolanda survivors in their new and permanent homes in Tacloban on November 28, Monday.

In just twenty days after President Duterte issued an order, there are now 280 families from Baranggay 88 that have been relocated to North Hill Arbours in Tacloban City.

The keys are being prepared for the arriving home beneficiaries.

According to the Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas there will be another batch of families to be transferred tomorrow,  they are moving families little by little everyday for safety purposes.

They also thanked the Tacloban Local Government Unit (LGU), 53rd Engineer Brigade and other volunteers who helped to hasten the relocation.

According to Jonji T. Gonzales, co-founder of Bisaya Na Pud and Founder of Mugstoria, the village area has now installed basic ameneties includes water, power supply and even free transportation for the beneficiaries.

Dino's team is expecting a daily transfer of the settlers, until the last batch of families will be in their new home by end of December. There are approximately 8,000 family beneficiaries shall be transferred to the relocation site.

Source: Office of the President Assistant for Visayas

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