Greco Belgica slams Drilon: Why not first clean up your own back yard before you point your fingers to the police?


Former Manila City Councilor Greco Belgica slammed Senator Frank Drillon for grilling PNP chief Dela Rosa on the slow filing of case against the police officers involved in Mayor Espinosa's killing.

Belgica seems to be impatient on his post and advice Drilon to clean his own backyard first before pointing fingers to the police.

"What moral right do you have to site the police for incompetence when you are looking like the most incompetent senators by allowing De Lima to sit with you free. All her accusers are rotting in jail and the police are at their toes running wild to keep up with public demands, while you harbor De Lima­ the drug lords BIG BOSS!," Belgica stressed.

Belgica mentioned that it was Drillon who is protecting the criminals that made it hard for the justice system to eradicate corruption.

"You are using the Senate, parliamentary and internal rules to protect yourself from your own crime and corruption. It's time to change the rules. Be true, fair and just. The senate is for the people, not for the senators." he said.

He added that Drilon was to be blame for protecting De Lima and now, turning the blame to PNP chief Dela Rosa.

Belgica also questioned his involvement in DAP and asked him to resign in the senate.

Read Greco Belgica Full Statement below:

Source: Facebook

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