Just 18 days After Duterte directive, Yolanda Victims visit their new homes for the first time

It has been 3 years since Supertyphoon Yolanda ripped a huge part of Visayas in the Philippines but the current administration led by President Rodrigo Duterte was shocked upon learning that only a small percentage of the houses promised for the victims had actually been built.

Angered over this matter, Duterte issued a directive to Presidential Assistant for Visayas Sec. Michael Diño to ensure that all  Yolanda houses for the victims must be finished by December.

On Saturday, eighteen days after the presidential directive, the first batch of Yolanda victims who have been living in danger areas were brought to the community where new homes have been constructed for them. Armed with household cleaning tools preparing for the scheduled transfer.

Diño’s team ensured that water is available in the villages and that provisions for electricity have been provided.

Source: Facebook

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