President Duterte Put Filipinos on the Map Even Hong Kong Took Notice


The Filipino people now matters in Asia under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte despite the fact that he has courted all manner of controversy recently.

According to columnist Alex Lo of South China Morning Post, President Duterte is making everyone sit up and take notice of how he leads the Philippines that even little Hong Kong took notice. 

He reiterated that for the past few years many people in Hong Kong look down on Filipinos but today, no local government official in Hong Kong could treat President Duterte that way compared to previous administration.

President Duterte was acknowledged as the one who has redefined the Philippines' pivotal role in the rivalry between China and the US in the region. 

Lo stated that in Hong Kong, Philippine government has unilaterally forced a new condition in the contracts of Filipino helpers that bars them from having to clean the exterior of windows. This came after several maids fell to their deaths while cleaning windows in the past months.

Meanwhile, President Duterte is also pushing Beijing to let about 200,000 Filipinos who are currently working illegally as domestic helpers on the mainland to be granted legal status. 

Source: SCMP

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