Swedish man praises President Duterte's leadership


A viral post by All About DUTERTE's facebook page of a Swedish man named "Thomas" expressing his support to President Duterte is making the rounds online.

In the video, Thomas was interviewed by a Filipino and asked him on his view about Duterte.

"Because he's gonna fight the corruption, the criminals, the drugs, everything. He gonna get the Philippines on the right way now," Thomas replied when asked why he likes Duterte.

Tomas admittedly impressed by President Duterte's good governance and he also showed his Duterte's baller he weared on his left hand.

Netizens applauded and thanked the Swedish man for the supports and for making a good impression to President Duterte.

The video uploaded on facebook generated 213,258 views and 7,224 shares.

Watch the video below:

Source:  Facebook

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