Urdaneta Mayor orders to ban Muslim in his city


Urdaneta Mayor orders to ban Muslim in his city
Mayor Amadeo Perez IV has actually ordered to force out all the muslims in Urdaneta City.

He is providing a 3 week deadline to all the members of Muslim community in the claimed City to live in another location as a part of his strategy to combat prohibited medications in Urdaneta.

He asked for all the participants of the Sangguniang Panlungsod to push a regulation stopping the access of Muslims in Urdaneta City.

Citizens of the Muslim Compound in Barangay Camantiles, Uradaneta recently was currently demolished their residences to end the rumours that the Mayor is protecting drug pushers in the location.
According to the stats of the PDEA, the recognized drug-infested towns in Urdaneta City are the areas where the muslims are living, 84% of them are associated with prohibited drugs.

A group that are PRO-Islam criticised the choice of the Mayor, they think that his order is extremely discriminating and also against the constitution.

Netizens also doubted the validity of the act of the Urdaneta City Mayor.

The advocates of Mayor Amadeo Perez defended his orders, they believe that outlawing all the muslims in Urdaneta is the only means to annihilate the medicine sell the city.

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