'Narco-prosecutors' sunod na tutukuyin

'Narco-prosecutors' sunod na tutukuyin
President Rodrigo Duterte expected to reveal another set of names such as prosecutors involved in illegal drugs right after the validation is completed.

President told that many fiscal or prosecutor are into negotiation or dismissal of drug cases in exchange for money.

Meanwhile, President Duterte also explained why there are still no mayor from Metro Manila being disclose publicly.

Duterte cited Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada as an example that he could not insist if there is none.

"Eh bakit ko pipilitin kung wala. Pilitin ko si Estrada, suntukin ako niyan. Wala, ibig sabihin kuntento sila sa buhay nila. Sa level na pagka-mayor nila, mayroon na sila, matatanda na mga iyan. They would not talk to this ... mess up with drugs. Alam ‘man nila na delikado iyan. Iyong panahon, sa aking panahon, talagang umalis kayo diyan, delikado talaga iyan," President Duterte said.

However, Duterte threatens the mayor and governor who have not been validated yet to stop the illegal activity.

I said and addressed to everybody, iyong hindi pa na-validate, kayong mga mayor, governors, end up not just your position, maybe you lose your funds (?). That’s your problem," President added.

According to Sec. Mike Sueno, there are lot of informations of government officials coming and now has been counter check by PDEA and PNP.

At the same time, President Duterte was saddened since mostly of the named officials are his friends who helped him during the campaign , but stood up that the interest of the Filipino people should be dominant whatever it takes.

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Source: Bomboradyo

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