Former Manila Archbishop says Duterte: He's on the right track


Former Manila Archbishop says Duterte: He's on the right track
President Rodrigo Duterte's leadership is really on the right track, this is according to Former Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales in an interview with church run-station, Radio Veritas last Saturday, August 6.

“The new leadership, you know you cannot owned goodness, ito na siguro kung minsan iniisip natin na tayo lamang ang magaling. No way hindi tama yan, sa ngayon mayroong bagong namumuno kita naman natin he is in a right track, the leadership really is in a right track, kaya kung minsan napupuna natin yung paraan and you know na decisiveness of the new government is something you have never seen in many decades.” Rosales said.

Despite of this,  Rosales said people should always pray for Duterte that he may be guided to his work.

“(F)or me I pray for everyone especially the highest leadership. We dont own goodness, not even God would limit goodness to only this one shape, it has many shapes. We pray to lessen the faults and to continue the works to correct,” Rosales added.

This statement comes the day before President Rodrigo Duterte reveal the names of the so-called narco politicians, law enforces, judges involved in illegal drug trade.

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