Duterte gives shoot to kill order to Leyte mayor, son if resist arrest


duterte gives shoot to kill order to leyte mayor, son if resist arrest
President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday called on the mayor of Albueva,Leyte Rolando Espinosa Sr. and his latter's son to surrender to authorities or risk being killed if they attempt to resist arrest.

“President Rodrigo R. Duterte demanded the surrender of Mayor Ronaldo  Espinosa Sr., of Albuera, Leyte and his son, Kerwin Espinosa, on the grounds of illegal drug-trafficking and coddling drug lords.

If Espinosa and his son do not surender within 24 hours, they will be hunted down by law enforcers. If they resist and endanger the lives of arresting police officers, a "shoot to kill order" will be given,” said Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella.

Espinosa’s staff were earlier arrested during a buy-bust operation where police seized P1.9 million worth of shabu.

While 2 of the mayor's bodyguards and 3 employees were detained, four managed to leave by running into the house of Kerwin Espinosa.

Espinosa has been apparently on leave and have not yet come forward regarding these allegation since the week of July 18, according to his staff.


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