Congressman, judges in drugs, determined - Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte is set to identify the names of congressmen, judges and police officers allegely involved in illegal drugs.

Now, the President is still waiting for another set of names of the mayor and chief governor linked to illegal drug trade.

The President will be announcing the names on the next few hours or the following day through a video message to be aired on state-run news channel PTV4.

President Duterte said , he has no intention to destroy the reputation of the government officials involved in the illegal drugs but it is his duty to inform the Filipino people of what is happening in this country.

"Now, if I read the names of the judges that I will --- in a few hours, few days --- with the congressman, it's not because I want to destroy their reputation . I don't know them. Even the police - - judges, police, congressman. But it behooves upon me, I have the obligation to tell the Filipino people of what is happening to this country, "said President Duterte.

Source: Bomboradyo

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