Recto: It will be hard to pass law on federalism


Recto: It will be hard to pass law on federalism

The recommended shift to federalism will face a staunch resistance in the Senate.

Minority Leader Ralph Recto on Tuesday said he will actively participate in a debate those promoting federal type of federal government.

" I have serious appointments, they still need to persuade me on federalism," he told reporters in a press seminar.

" Madugong usapan pa yung federalism," he stated.

Federalism is amongst the legal program of President Rodrigo Duterte.
Recto claimed he has no worry with the Duterte management's various other priority actions such as emergency powers to attend to the traffic issue and also the reducing of taxes.

" Pagdating ng issue ng federalism, sa ngayon nakikita ko that will be quite hard. I'm saying that I will possibly dispute on the various other side," Recto claimed.

He said he prefer to have better city government autonomy and also higher internal revenue allotments for them

Source: GMA

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