President Rody Duterte Promised to Remove Provincial Rate

President Rodrigo "Rody" Duterte promised to remove the provincial rate or the salaries of various provinces in the Philippines which is lower compared to the common salaries of workers living in the cities

Minimum wage
Among the major plans of Head of state Rody Dutete, he promised to expand the Economy of the Philippines to ensure that the countless Abroad Filipino Employees (OFW's) can go residence in the future

According to Head of state Duterte, he thinks that the skille Filipino workers is travelling due to the fact that the federal government really did not concentrate in offering them the best salary to maintain their lives

In getting rid of the rural price, Mayor Duterte mentioned that when the rural rate for workers will certainly stop the flooding of employees in Metro Manila.

The majority of netizens and supporters of Mayor Duterte believe that the elimination of the Provincial Price in the nation, is the only remedy to decongest City Manil and they are really hoping that the provincial rate will be get rid of under the very prepared for Duterte management.

Eliminating the rural incomes will certainly likewise reduce the Filipino workers who required to work overseas to obtain a greater income.

Remove minimum wage

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