List: Top 7 Duterte Sona Promises


Duterte sona promises
1. Duterte will continue his all-out campaign against drugs and criminality, even ordering the Philippine National Police to "triple its efforts" to stop the illegal drug trade.

2. Duterte also declared a unilateral ceasefire with leftist rebels as part of his bid to end Asia's longest running Maoist insurgency.

3. Duterte has ordered the creation of a national broadband plan, which will allow free Wi-Fi access in public parks, plazas, libraries, government hospitals, schools, airports, and seaports.

4. Ideal information for workers? Duterte likewise asked for lower personal and also corporate income tax rates as he swore to steer the economic situation to a higher growth course to uplift the bad.

" My administration will certainly pursue tax obligation reforms in the direction of a simpler and more equitable tax obligation system that could foster financial investments. We will certainly decrease personal and also corporate income tax rates."

5. Better trains, more options for travel. This is what Duterte also promised as he urged Congress anew to grant him emergency powers to help address the traffic problem in Metro Manila.

6. Duterte said he would reduce the processing time for issuing business permits and licenses "to the barest minimum," as he reiterated his pledge to cut down on red tape

7. 'Finger-pointing is not the way, that is why I will not waste precious time dwelling on the sins of the past or blaming or those perceived to be responsible for the mess that we are in and suffering from,'' the President said.

Source: Abs-cbn

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