Gen. Bato proves that not all pushers, users are being killed


not all users, pushers are being killed
Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director Gen. Ronald "Rock" dela Rosa proved to the public and with the members of media that police do not kill all drug users, pushers or even drug lords during operations.

He presented to the media the three unharmed big-time drug pushers identified as Saadodin Badron, Sukarno Bansil Mahatir and Malaco that were arrested in separate buy-bust operations of the police in Pasig and Taguig yesterday.

According to Dela Rosa, they seize packages of drugs and guns from them, but the suspects lives, and it just means that they did not resist arrest.

Dela Rosa said to the media, dapat makita lahat na hindi lang puro patayan ang ginagawa ng pulisya.

Purely because, they received a lot of criticism from various sectors for the alleged violations of human rights killing drug suspects recently.

He explained, drug suspects can try to hide, but whatever they do, they will eventually get caught because police were motivated and determined to find and capture them.

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