Duterte to give Comelec Post to BBM as Chairman


duterte to give bbm comelec post
According to source , President Duterte is considering Bongbong Marcos for the Comelec Chairman position one year from now after the 1 year ban is lifted. If this is really true, then it will certainly create a huge noise to everybody. 

It has been "an inside knowledge" that Duterte have distrusted the election when VP Leni Robredo won two months wayback. He was aware that BBM dominated the survey, with massive gap to the opposition. T'was such a surprisingly  result for  Robredo winning the VP seat rather than BBM.

There had been speculations circulating online that the Daang Matuwid might manipulate the election result to assure VP seat. Though Leni's supporters wanted her to win but there are lot of people knows exactly who should win the VP race.

Furthermore, they realized that if the outcome resulted Leni as the champ, then electoral sabotage has been taken place. On his part, BBM has already filed for an electoral protest to Comelec. God knows whether it will ever favor on his side. 

Duterte's arrangement to appoint him as Comelec Chairman may change BBM's fate. This still remains to be seen and to be clarified. 

Source: WhatTrendz

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