Duterte plans to extend passports' validity to 10 years


extend up to 30 years
President Rodrigo Duterte urged Congress during Monday's State of the Nation Address to amend the possibility of extending a passport's validity to ten years from the current five years.

Duterte also raised the idea to lawmakers of extending passport's validity up to 30 years. “Tutal kayo naman ang gagawa ng batas, you are the ones who will pass the law, even if you extend it good for 30 years, okay ako. Bahala kayo, basta stretch it a little bit, because five years is simply short,”

Furthermore Duterte called on concerned government officials to hasten the passport application process.

Duterte recounted seeing passport applicants in Davao and Cotabato queuing for days outside a popular mall just to get their passports.

He describe his sentiment towards the applicants; “Nasasaktan talaga ako nakikita sila doon natutulog sa pavement. 

Duterte then addressed the cabinet members: "Make use of the computer. I do not want to see the people lining up under the heat of the sun. I don’t want people lining up under the rain,” he added.

OFW processes
The president also revealed some of his plans for the welfare of overseas Filipino workers(OFWs), among which was the speeding up processes for OFWs.

“I urge the government officials who will attend to the needs of our OFWs… Gusto ko he (Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III ) will rent a building for OFWs.  Then lagyan ng BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue), lahat na, something to do with the clearances of the police,” Duterte explained.

Duterte was distressed by the tedious process OFWs have to go through just to complete their requirements for working abroad.

“My God, make use of the computer. Why did he (the OFW) have to travel if he will only accomplish one document at one time. At kung tingin ninyo taga probinsya siya, tapusin ninyo agad!” Duterte emphasized.

“Kung hindi niyo gamitin ang mga computer tapon niyo nalang," he added, drawing cheers from the crowd

Via: GMA News

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