Duterte on due procedure for implicated police officers: Why? I'm not the court


Duterte on due process for accused cops: Why? I’m not the court

"I am not the court. Why should I offer you due procedure?"

So stated President Rodrigo Duterte after being slammed for not providing due procedure to cops generals charged of being involved in the controlled substances trade.

" Anong due procedure? Due procedure, ulol. Kung nasa korte ka na (as well as you claim you were) not provided by the Head of state, due process. Hindi ako korte. Why should I give you due procedure?" Duterte claimed during a speech on Thursday night.

" I can not offer you an attorney. I could not manage a proceeding or procedures against you," he added.

The Head of state went to the testimonial supper kept in his honor at Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City.

He claimed his decision to reveal the names of the authorities involved in the medications profession prior to any type of investigation became part of his "spiritual obligation to inform the Filipino the state of points in this country and just the reality, duration."

The Head of state claimed if he would be compelled to describe about due procedure, he claimed tongue-in-cheek, "Tawagin ko kayo sa MalacaƱang? Murahin ko kayo doon? Tapos barilin ko kayo? Huwag. Due procedure, due procedure, hingiin mo 'yan sa korte."

The surge of killings of believed drug deadlies under the Duterte management has actually drawn criticisms from the public, who state suspects have to be offered due process.

Source: Inquirer

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