Duterte: No more fingerpointing


Duterte said No more fingerpointing
President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday began his initial State of the Nation Address by claiming that his administration will certainly not stay on the blunders committed by previous managements.

Duterte claimed the country could not relocate onward if will certainly proceed to emphasize the past as well as enable it to "draw us back."

"Fingerpointing is not the way, that is why I will not waste precious time home on the sins of the past or criticizing or those regarded to be liable for the mess that we are in and then suffering from,"the President stated.

Duterte said he prefer to take lessons from previous errors.
"It is the existing we are interested in and also the future that we must be prepared for," he stated.
Duterte, however, ensured that previous authorities that went against regulations shall not run away prosecution.

"Let me claim clearly that those who betrayed individuals's trust will not go unpunished as well as they will have their day in court," he said.

Duterte's precursor, Benigno Aquino III, had actually made it his behavior to criticize his precursor Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for the sorry state of administration when he assumed power in 2010.
Aquino has usually called Arroyo's 9-year management as a lost decade.

However Aquino, while pursuing perceived political opponents, had been slammed for saving his allies in his fight versus corruption.

Duterte won the election on a system of ending criminal offense and then corruption. He has also branded himself as a man of action, pledging to address intricate issues such as Manila's traffic and also the country's issue in record time.

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