De Lima opposed President Duterte's war against drug lords


Leila de Lima is an idiot. If you had uncertainties before, then her newest declarations against President Rodrigo Duterte and his battle on controlled substances and criminality should make it perfectly clear that this woman is an absolutely a qualified bonehead.

After a six year performance history as The Justice Secretary who alowed drug lords to subjugate the New Bilibid Prison-- 6 years of incompetence while these founded guilty crooks continued to ply their profession, unblocked, unstopped, as well as unafraid-- currently she has the nerve to tell the President that she is viewing him.

This tail-ender legislator that hardly also made it to the checklist and whose win is as uncertain as that phony I-have-no-idea-what accent of hers, de Lima aiming to score factors versus Duterte by doing exactly what she does ideal-- protecting the bad guys.

Why is de Lima, or for that matter the remainder of the Us senate, losing their time-- and the people's money-- seeking agendas that are not in individuals's benefit? That Duterte won by an overwhelming margin clearly indicates that Filipinos are behind him as well as his anti-crime campaign.

Is de Lima just dumb, blind, deaf, or stupid? From the appearances of it, evidence points to her being the amount total amount of all these qualities. As well as while we could not stop her from making a pinhead of herself every time she opens her mouth as well as the media hacks from heralding her words as if they were wisdom putting below the paradises, we can at the very least console ourselves with that the more she speaks, the less appropriate she becomes.

I question just what fellow Senator Joel Villanueva really feels regarding all this grandstanding being done by de Lima. If memory serves me ideal, he, as well, was a sufferer of de Lima's passion. Will Villanueva continue to continue to be silent, or will he lastly spill the beans on this aspirant heroine?

Leila de Lima has actually been so used to using the coattails of her betters that she thinks she is actually a huge bargain. As well as while she has been able to take her drug-protecting ways to the Senate, she must beware due to the fact that individuals are viewing, as well as they will not permit morons like her to make a mockery of the justice system and also the will of individuals.

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