Chinese woman with P6.2 million worth of Shabu nabbed at Mactan-Cebu airport


Chinese woman with P6.2 million worth of Shabu nabbed at Mactan-Cebu airport
A Chinese woman who was allegedly caught bringing in four kilos of shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) was arrested by the Customs police at the Mactan Cebu International Airport shortly last Wednesday.

Liming Zhou, 27, was brought inside the Customs Office at the MCIA where she was to undergo interrogation.

It happened when she arrived at 11:30 a.m. from Xiamen, China, through Hong Kong on board a Cathay Pacific flight with one light blue trolley bag.

While passengers were lining up at the X-ray machine at the arrival area, Olibert Estillore, K-9 officer of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, noticed Zhou looking so agitated and kept going to the toilet.

When it was her turn at the X-ray, machine operator Haron Paragona of the Bureau of Customs, detected several packs inside her light blue trolley bag.

Zhou was asked to step aside as Customs personnel  Ronor Alinsug and Albert Barliso inspected her bag and found several dresses inside.

Alinsug and Barliso, however, noticed that there was a glossy plywood that served as a compartment in her luggage.
Zhou looked pale when the two officers found several packs of what appeared to be shabu after destroying the compartment. The two K-9 dogs immediately sat after sniffing on the packs, indicating that these contained illegal drugs.

PDEA-7 technicians confirm that shabu was found inside Chinese Liming Zhou's trolley bag. at the Mactan Cebu International Airplort. (Photo by Tonee Despojo/INQUIRER VISAYAS)  

The woman burst into tears and was shaking when told that she had to be detained for bringing in illegal drugs into the country.

When the contents were tested, the Customs examiners found that the white powdery substance was methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu.

The packs of shabu weighed 4.51 kilos which the PDEA estimated to be worth P6 million.

Jay Oyao, MCIA Customs officer-in-charge, said they were waiting for an interpreter to determine Zhou’s background and her contact in Cebu because the  woman could only speak Mandarin.

But based on her passport, he said Zhou had been to the Philippines thrice.

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