Bounty for Duterte et al. now P1B


Bounty for Duterte et al. now P1B

LEADING DRUG and criminal task lords are elevating a P1-billion bounty for the heads of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, inbound Philippine National Authorities principal Ronald de la Rosa, a new lawmaker in addition to a jails authorities.

A resource told that around 20 crime bosses, mostly drug lords doing time at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), would definitely include to the kill-Duterte fund.

According to the resource, that tried to find personal privacy for visible reasons, earlier records of a P50-million bounty on the heads of Duterte and also De la Rosa "are not real, nevertheless bigger."

" Not just one person will definitely pay, yet individuals from various companies," specified the source, that has intimate experience of the illegal drug career.

" There are more than likely 20," the information claimed, of the "major players" that each pledged to toss P50 million right into the pot, which would certainly amount to P1 billion.

De la Rosa formerly mentioned that medicine lords in the NBP had actually offered P10 million each for his as well as also Duterte's heads. However there were no takers so the bounty was raised to P50 million each.

The bounty from the drug lords came after Duterte provided incentives for every single drug lord as well as pusher eliminated. The President-elect assured P5 million for each dead medicine lord, P3 million for a distribute member and P50,000 for a small-time pusher.

De la Rosa that issued an advising to bad guys: "We will certainly squash you. We will hide you."

"Nasisiraan na yung mga tao sa loob. Hindi kasi nila alam kung seseryosohin ni Digong yung sinabi niyang papatayin lahat ng medicine lords doon (The convicts are freaking out. They don't recognize if Digong will really carry out his risk to kill the medication lords in prison)," the resource stated.

Source full article: PH-newstoday

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