Alvarez to De Lima calls for House probe over drug links


Alvarez to De Lima calls for House probe over drug links
If the Senate investigates the myriad 'bulagtaan' anti-illegal drugs campaign by the police, the House is Sen. Leila de Lima who advocate 'extrajudicial killings' (EJK) probe targeted investigation.

The incoming House Speaker Pantaleon "Bebot" Alvarez himself disclosed that he shall called De Lima once their congressional inquiry will commence.

According to Alvarez, he will file a resolution to investigate why alleged illegal drug activities deteriorated in New Bilibid Prison (NBP) at the time of De Lima as Justice Secretary.

"Let us investigate why during the term of now Senator De Lima, who proliferate those illegal drugs within the NBP, it must be investigated," said Alvarez.

However, his resolution does not include to investigate the deaths of drug pushers and drug users including the vigilante-style killings of drug suspects.
Not so many are unaware of the tension with De Lima and Solicitor General Jose Calida on the issue of drugs in the NBP which showed the late senator and a picture of one of the big-time drug lord Jaybee Sebastian.

It was immediately condemned by De Lima considered that this kind of demolition job against her.

"I denounce in the highest possible terms this latest demolition job linking me to a maximum security inmate Jaybee Sebastian or to any other convicted or suspected drug lord or operator now or in the past," according to a statement by De Lima.

Remember the time of De Lima had a series of DOJ-initiated 'surprise raids' on the NBP which greets the public the luxurious life of the VIP or very important prisoners, including those detained convicted drug lords, murderers and others criminals.


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