A Five Month Old Infant Stops Breathing Along Heavy Traffic, Her Aunt Rescued Him Through CPR!

A five month old baby began to stop breathing along heavy traffic that caused her aunt named Pamela Rauseo to ask help from other motorist. Seeing her nephew Sebastian got unconscious, she applied CPR to him.

According to Pamela: "Her nephew lost all color and was limp. Completely limp. It was frightening." 

Pamela immediately check her nephew and found that the baby was not breathing. She screamed for help as Sebastian was laid in her arms. 

Photographer Al Diaz had caught the dramatic act on the Dolphin Expressway in Florida. He ran for help and found a policeman named Bastidas. 

Sebastian stopped breathing again. They revive again the baby through CPR and his lungs got working again. the baby was taken in the hospital and became stable in his condition. It was found out that Sebastian has an early detection of respiratory problem.

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